söndag 28 februari 2010

onsdag 24 februari 2010

The sexiest outfit,

I am told over and over, is the one sported by the patients in the delivery ward: naked but with thigh-high socks.

tisdag 23 februari 2010

I shy away from the action

I bought a pair of ill-fitting corduroys and rediscovered Boyracer.

måndag 22 februari 2010

Coat dying

Central Saint Martins


80s blouses on males. Falcon cresty, Wall streety blouses. I am convinced this would be a hit. I am pretty sure about wrap cardigans too.

About the "boyfriend shirt" and the "boyfriend jeans"..

I saw yet another article on what garments to steal from your boyfriend and started wondering if mens' magazines give this type of tip - "What pieces to steal from your girlfriend". What are they? I would say the leggings (if he has nice legs and ass), the bracelets (if he has muscular underarms) and the ballerinas (if he has small feet).

tisdag 16 februari 2010

Stine Goya

As usual I love it all.

In remembrance of styles past

The saddest time of my life.

måndag 15 februari 2010

söndag 14 februari 2010

I love the idea of ankle-long dresses and skirts but so far the fashion bloggers look like shit in theirs.

I would want them to be snug and versace fabulous, like these ones.

Velvet maxi skirt

Yes or no? No? I thought so.

-15°C. 2 dm snow. You want to look nice, but how?

No one knows. You turn to fashion journalism. You walk into a supermarket. You grab a newspaper. You flip through the fashion section. What do you find? An Elin Kling vs Cay Bond debate on whether leggings are real trousers.
but you do not help

fredag 12 februari 2010

Somewhat disappointing

I have not cared for fashion for a while but when I woke up this morning my first thought was "What are Preen doing these days?". I could not find their AW 2010 but even their SS 2009 was new to my eyes. It does not suck too badly but still.. It is not what I had expected.