tisdag 30 mars 2010

måndag 29 mars 2010

Inspiration for week 13 - bonus

"Like beavers gnawing at tree trunks to turn their habitat into sophisticated shelters, Curil Duval, a.k.a. item idem, tends to transform any place where he spends more than a few consecutive hours into an ode to his sophisticatedly exuberant self. Tellingly, any hotel room quickly wears the stigma of his obsession for display."

söndag 28 mars 2010

lördag 27 mars 2010

tisdag 23 mars 2010

Accessory of the week

Lazer tits

Move of the week

Saturday was pure fashion strangeness

I have been thinking about how to describe it, but I do not know how. It was kind of like if Marky Marky was a somewhat rave-y mall rat slave to the rhythm and got down with a couple of middle-aged Indian men in Joy Division t-shirts wearing their hair page-boy style, a 14-year-old guy trying to look like a 70s porn star and doing pretty good (Do you know Pancho Panchito who performs at Golden Steer in Malmö? This guy was a lot like that guy.) and some teenagers who wanted to look like the alternative people in a 80s high school film but had miscalculated everything. Or.. No, I can not do better . I should have brought a camera.

måndag 22 mars 2010

Inspiration for week 12

Or wait, perhaps I can.

It is almost like you are a cartoon carachter, right? I like that! I like the idea of having a fashion signature!

I can never understand this only wearing red, white, blue business.

torsdag 18 mars 2010

söndag 14 mars 2010

onsdag 10 mars 2010

So many people have said it before me

Something is rotten in the head office of Zara.

Why go through the trouble of making a blazer if you make it look like shit?

I have waited for white blazers and mini pencil skirts for 3 years. Now they are here. At least the blazers. The ones fashion slacker Jana can easily find and afford are in Zara, but NO ONE can wear them. Just google it and see for yourself.

The Persian lamb coat is the 2010 hipster outer garment above all others

I did not forcast this two years ago. I tried to sell my inherited one on Blocket, but I got afraid of animal liberationists, so I used the name Helena and photoshoped a hook-nose into the pictures in which I modeled the coat.

I spoke to a girl wearing a Persian lamb bolero about a month ago. It was the awesome-est thing I had seen for what felt like forever. I do not think I could wear Persian fur though. The manufacturing process is too gross. They beat a pregnant sheep, then make the fur out of the misscarried foetus.

söndag 7 mars 2010

onsdag 3 mars 2010


I can not imagine it is that difficult to make clothes that look good on most women. However most brands make clothes that look good on no women.

måndag 1 mars 2010