tisdag 29 september 2009

Fake Vivienne Westwood at the book and library fair

Fashion news from right outside the phyciatric emergency room

On my way home tonight I saw a female priest. Her appearance was the nicest thing (fashionwise) I had seen for ages. I have thought a lot about the priest collar earlier but this(!), this(!) was the complete(!) priestess(!) outfit(!) and it was pure awesomeness!

Stina Löfgren wearing white paisley


Ist this a joke?


onsdag 23 september 2009

fredag 18 september 2009

The Stine Goya outlet sucked badly by the way

Scarfs were still 900 sek. Dresses were still 2000.

A lot of hot guys there though. The babe-o-meter says hot guys like Wood Wood.

Why do I always have to look like a moron? Etc.

What are you supposed to wear if you have Beyoncé Knowles thighs? I spent all night googling pictures of her. She wears panties or bikini bottoms in almost all of them. Your are no help Beyoncé!!

torsdag 17 september 2009


Stine Goya after-work today after work!!!!!!