onsdag 30 december 2009

Black Ann-Sofi Back pants + a black shirt that looked like something a chef would wear

I came to think about what a guy who used to be my boyfriend used to wear and it felt like I liked him again all the way from Medborgarplatsen to Stadshagen although this was years ago and he has become a pretty awful person.

Tomorrow I am going to Albania to visit this stylish woman

An easy way to look great

.. is matching the colour of your clothes with the colour of your hair. I have only seen black-haired people do this, but I think it would look great on brunettes and redheads too. Not sure about blondes. They probably have to be as careful with this as with everything else or they will look cheesy.

Birthday/Christmas present from my mother

Green jodhpurs

fredag 25 december 2009

torsdag 24 december 2009

måndag 21 december 2009

Today I was late for work again because Trail Blazers was on Discovery World.

I could not walk away from that. I had to see what the Krigiz living in "the roof of the world" were wearing.

lördag 19 december 2009

fredag 18 december 2009

A guy at work dresses exactly like Mikey in Parker Lewis can't loose.

I would so totally try to score if he was not 35 years older than me.

onsdag 16 december 2009


Need clearance sale Burfitt jacket although she had plus size boobs in mind when she made it.

söndag 13 december 2009

This is going to be the most common pose of the 2010s

HERE ----> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_iOXTLkJ2YhI/Stx138ihriI/AAAAAAAADDQ/3r4LBEZqp30/s1600-h/IMG_8031.JPG

I think it started off with Mini Andén doing the same pose as her dog on a bed somewhere. This is kinda halfway but I am too lazy to find you another one.


Accessory of the week

lördag 12 december 2009

onsdag 9 december 2009

måndag 7 december 2009

A number dress to go with Number Bracelet

When Patsy styled Saffy on national television.

Accessory of the week

Merry Christmas sticker (worn as band-aid).

torsdag 3 december 2009


But what??

I have to buy something nice to wear on New Year's. I am going to a party hosted by the Spanish ambassador in Tirana.

Great knitwear

onsdag 25 november 2009

By far the nicest garment that frequents Stockholm galleries

It is Acne from the early 00s. It has been owned by 5 people before this guy.

måndag 23 november 2009

lördag 21 november 2009

fredag 20 november 2009

What is wrong with H&M?

Why have they still not made counterfeit David & Martin?

Guerilla store is the lamest concept

I am listening to Stil i P1 again. A marketing guy says Ann-Sofi Back's hostage store in Sturegallerian is supposed to feel "disturbing". Well, it does not.

torsdag 19 november 2009

I just want to look clean & posh :´(

I am looking for a site where you can upload a photo of a garment and receive info on how to wear it (by professionals plz). I thought that was what stylist.com was going to be but stylist.com is rather a place where Oprah Winfrey tells you how handbags can make you look thinner.

Any venture capitalist reading this may contact me on linedkin.

Too sloppy-looking

Got thrown out of Natalie Shuterman.

tisdag 17 november 2009

The baggy 90s leggings confidence

Today I got Merck to address a package to "Innventia's cutest girl", he-he.

No, I did not. My very sensible best-friend-at-work talked me out of it.

In remembrance of styles past

måndag 16 november 2009