torsdag 23 juli 2009

söndag 19 juli 2009

Matilda & Anders

Accessory of the week

A girlfriend who is a floral hobbyist and has incredibly bad taste.

The tattoos #2: Lukas

I am going to try to get a better shot of the guy, the looks and the tattoos.

lördag 18 juli 2009

Teenage scrapbooking #2

circa 2003

The stirrup shirt!!1

"I usually go for the latino look but tonight is special!"

The frills!!!!

fredag 10 juli 2009

onsdag 8 juli 2009

Googling "the Smiths"

Nice bathing suit!

Accessory of the week!!

Next week a guy from work is taking me to a mouldy disused mine to try firearms (.22, 9 mm, .38 spec, .357 mag.).

Fashion in the workplace #3

Sofie is one of the best dressed people I know. Last summer I worked in the same factory as her brother. We used to spend our coffee breaks together and look like this. He told me he was concerned about the way Sofie dresses ("Her outfits are SO FUCKING STRANGE."). A couple of hours later we met on the commuter train, him in a grey melange t-shirt and me in what my mother wore during her pregnancy in the 80s. We were both embarrassed.

måndag 6 juli 2009

söndag 5 juli 2009

Sweetie darling, cheers thanks a lot!

This spring I dated an extremely handsome British jetsetter. Once I took him (out of his Rörstrandsgatan-Birger Jarlsgatan tracks) to Hornstull. Seeing grown-ups in Cosby pullovers he said "There are sooo many addicts here!!". That was when I realized we were too different and broke it off. Too bad. I would love to spend my life with a man who speaks like Patsy and Edina.

Accessory of the week

(a boat)

Her parents had chosen her outfit. I think they did a good job.

fredag 3 juli 2009

Today I came up with some ideas for the Hope store. They should have an artificial (flavoured!) fog in there now that they sell autumn clothes in the middle of the summer and really strong UV-light when they sell spring clothes in the middle of the winter. They will probably use the concept. At least the fog. I would work with autumn sounds too. Like cars driving through slush. And a chlorophyll-y perfume filling the room for the spring thing.


The only beauty advice I have generated is "It is good to not always look pretty. This confuses boys." (over Skype when Anja was showing off my new bad haircut to her Turkmenian homies). I do not know if it is true but I live by it. I am the opposite of a person who always have to look their best because "you never know when you meet your destiny" but since last night, when Matthew McConaughey was in the convenient store and I wallowed in ugliness, I have been thinking of becoming that person. breakfast

torsdag 2 juli 2009

I will shape up! I promise! I just have to solve some technical problems!
If it turns out I am allergic to latex my career is over!!
Wearing latex sucks when it is 30 ºC.

onsdag 1 juli 2009

Week 27

Clippings on Lyric Man (perfume), Jacobs stege - Scener ur en bankmans liv (book) and Fatima Bramme Sey (Old friend).